Thursday, June 25, 2015

Me kävelimme kotiin, hymyillen kaikille (we walked home, smiling all the way)

Hey everyone! Thank you for your prayers and support! I've definitely felt wonderfully blessed! Hey tell Sweet Sophie Happy Birthday!! Woo hoo!! I love showing off the pics of my nieces and nephews to everyone! (I always win at that game!) So send me a pic of her blowing out a candle or something :). Keep me updated on how everyone is doing too!

This week was yet another great uplifting week at the MTC. Can you believe it?! Only 10 more days!! We get our flight plans tomorrow and we are all pretty ecstatic about it. And only one more p-day after today!! Crazy! One funny thing that happened this week a little visit from another critter! While doing our weekly service (putting chairs in strictly supervised straight lines (there and ropes and wood blocks....that's how exact it gets here) to help set up for the devotionals on Saturday night and Tues.) a friendly bat come to join and was flying around in the gym. That was a funny thing to keep things lively. A huge blessing this week was our skype went really really well! We talked with a man named Jarmo and he was so nice! We could definitely feel the spirit (even through the computer) and felt really accomplished because we could actually understand parts of what he was saying! Woo hoo! I finally felt like, wow I actually will be somewhat helpful in Finland. At least I can bear a very simple testimony (that probably isn't exactly right but understandable) and bring the spirit! I'd love to do that! I was pretty worried about my future companion/trainer earlier this week and was praying that everything would work out. And my prayer was answered. I just had an overwhelming peaceful feeling and thought, "Of course everything will work out. Don't you remember that Heavenly Father has his hand in everything. He knows you and will not just forget about you." Whoever my trainer is, I am exciting to see what the Lord has in store for me. Isn't that a beautiful blessing of this gospel! As long as we are obedient and doing our best, we don't need to worry that "the wrong thing" will happen. I'm so grateful! So all the new mission presidents are here now, along with supposedly the first presidency and quorum of the 12. Pretty crazy! They closed off the big main building and have security everywhere. It's a blessing and a curse though. We now have giant random crowds of missionaries everywhere and no longer have gym access because that is where we are all eating. But it is nice to keep things interesting here for sure. Later today the mission presidents are all coming to different classes and teaching, so I'm excited for that! And Grandmom, I'll keep my eye out for the Perkinsons. I know some of there missionaries here and will try my best to say hi! Thank you for letting me know about them! And thank you for that wonderful email you sent me! (you are never wasting my me) I'm so grateful for the spirit that I feel here and I am so so antsy to just go and teach people this wonderful good news! So many people need this! I hope you are all doing well! I pray for you and look forward to hearing all your fun stories!

- Sisar Clark

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