Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mina rakastan MTC!

Hi so the subject may be a bit cheesy, but I'm still pretty limited on what I can correctly put together in Finnish ha! and plus its so true!

So here in the MTC there is a crazy time warp! Being in the same class room for hours on end, eating the same food in the same place, and only sleeping in between makes your brain feel like time doesn't exist anymore. And contrary to what I just described, the MTC is awesome ha! Not dungeon like at all! Kind crazy what the spirit can make wonderful right? So rumor has it that as of yesterday, for the ensimeinen(first) time ever there are more sisters than elders in the MTC!! Woo hoo! part of history! pretty cool! It has been hauskaa (fun) to see everyone come and go. So far I've seen Seth Anderson (going to Texas Spanish speaking....came and had a nice conversation with me before he left...such a sweet kid!), Beth Zajac (just got here yesterday hehe...newbees are fun), and tons of others. 

Teaching our fake investigators has opettaa (taught) me so much already! They can be very difficult at times, but always worth it! I've mainly learned that the most tarkea (important) part of lahetissarnija (missionary) work is showing rakaus (love), sharing our valo (light), and bringing the Pyha Henkie (Holy Ghost) to your investigators. It was really siistia (cool) this week because there was one lesson where I finally felt like I was talking from my own mind, not just reading words off a paper. I actually came up with what I wanted to say in Finnish all by myself in my mind (sounds pretty dumb, but let me tell you It was a game changer for me).

So I've learning that the best way for me to learn Finnish is to just put myself out there and ask kysymys (questions) even jos (if) they might be dumb. It's totally helped me and the teachers are really nice even if you ask weird question ha. Speaking of putting yourself out there...I agreed to play the piano for my zone's district meeting because not many others can play etc. Five minutes before the meeting starts, the MTC president Burgess and his wife sister Burgess come and join our meeting! Ahh! (Not only do they know me so I have to pittan (keep) up the clark standard...but I am horrible at playing the piano....ahh) Lets just say it was a pretty stressful sacrament meeting. They were there to release our branch president which was kind of surrelinen (sad). I learned so much from him in just kaksi (two) weeks. He made me want to be exactly obedient in everything because "kuuliaisuus (obedience) brings blessings, but exact obedience brings miracles". This is so tarkea (important) to me as a missionary! So grateful for his example. 

Probably my favorite part of the MTC has been watching the MTC devotional given by Elder Bednar title Character of Christ. If you can find it (idk how available those things are) I highly suggest it! It seriously changed my whole outlook on my mission goals etc. The important of turning outward suddenly makes sense.

I love you all SO much and I love being a missionary! Hope you have a great week!
- Sisar Clark

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