Thursday, June 18, 2015

Me Skypettimme! (we skyped!)

This week was full of powerful uplifting experience and fun adventures! To start off, I dreamt in Finnish for the first time!! Woo hoo! That was cool! And each time we read Mormonin Kirjia (the BOM) we pick up on more and more things; it doesn't get better than that. (it helps that we were reading in 1 Nephi when he is having his vision and the angel keeps repeating Katso! (behold) and everything repeats a couple times haha, but still very exciting). Sisar Wade (a friend of Sister Vedrin (spelling?) Johnson) is a older sister missionary going to Finland! She made us pulla (a delicious finnish bread) and always stops to say hi! She is so sweet! There is another sister in our hall that looks and acts just like Kari! Her name is Sister Duffey, and now I have two of three sister-in-laws to party with ha! (I'll try and send a pic before we leave) Don't worry Sarah, I'll keep my eyes open for someone like you! There is a sister from Finland here in the MTC, Sister Nikka, who is learning French and going to serve in the France, Lyon mission! She is very reserved, but very nice! We all got pretty excited to talk to her in Finnish until we realized we actually can't really say that much haha. But a good friend nonetheless. This week we started Skyping instead of normal TRC! This is where we skype and teach a Finnish member! It was a really cool experience, but also kind of hard because you are just reminded of how much you really don't know the language. I'm looking forward to more skype lesson's though, it is a pretty incredible experience to have. Oh also, we moved today! ha They are doing a ton of construction here at the MTC and so all the sisters get to move into the newly renovated residence which is seriously AWESOME! All these new missionaries have no idea what a beauty it is to live there. The showers are HUGE! #blessingsofobedience haha. But in all honesty it is really good timing. It helps mix things up a little and keep it interesting here at the MTC.

A scripture that really helped me a ton this week was 2 Timothy 1:7. It talks about how our Heavenly Father has blessed us with power, love, and a sound mind rather than fear. I have felt so blessed here in the MTC! I'm obviously very anxious and excited to actually get to Finland and start sharing this joyous message, but I'm also a little sad to leave the MTC. It is such a spiritual power house and I've learned so much here; in Finland we have to be that spiritual power house, which is kind of intimidating and motivating at the same time. Our teachers are awesome! Sisar Johnson shares her testimony a lot, and is just a great example to me. She has helped me a ton (not just with the language) here in the MTC. Also, Enos's example of faith and prayer was a powerful one for me this week. His book may be small, but it is powerful. I'm so grateful to be a missionary! I'm happy! I pray for you and hope you are doing well! I love you!

- Sisar Clark

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