Thursday, June 11, 2015

Viiko Kolme (week three)

Hey everyone! Can you believe it? I'm already a third of the way done at the MTC!

So sad news first: One of our Finnish Sisaret, Sisar McPherson, left us. She decided she needed more time to prepare but that she wanted to still come back later. It made us all pretty sad, but we wish her the best. Also, the huns (Sisar Adams and Sisar Levanen etc.) are leaving for Hungary on Mon.!! Nooo! We are going to miss them so much! 

But now for the good news. So everyday P-day we teach TRCs. It is supposed to be like visiting a member family and it is probably one of my favorite parts of the week! We actually get to teach real people (aka no acting...finally) and they are all so nice, even if you don't understand what they are saying most of the time (or vise versa). Sundays are the best day of the week by far! All are meetings are so powerful, we have time to study really deeply, we get temple walks (which we have been majorly blessed weather wise every time), and we get to hear a devotional speaker. This last devotional the Finns got a shout out ha! They had the six of us stand up in front of the whole MTC and kept talking about how our language was the hardest one in the MTC etc. I think they were trying to be nice, but it actually just made all of us a little more freaked out than before I think ha. So that was a little epamukava (awkward). Also, Elder Holland came and spoke to us on Tuesday which was amazing! I got to sing in the MTC choir for Elder Holland woot woot! (p.s. the MTC choir is probably to most powerful and spiritually edifying thing here) He pointed out the importance of speaking out. He shared a powerful esimerrki (example) about how Satan can't take our lives, so with Joseph Smith he went for the next best thing: his ability to speak. Really cool thought. Another exciting thing that happened this week is my companion and I are actually starting to understand things that we read in the Finnish BOM. Finnish is seriously the coolest language ever! It is kind of vaikea (hard) and overwhelming, but I love learning about it! It's official there are 52% sister missionaries here in the MTC! Pretty crazy! Glad I could be part of that. 

This week I had a real issue with counting days of the month. We were trying to figure out the date we wanted our investigator to be baptized on and for some reason and struggled so much ha. I kept counting on the weekly calendar to 37 days in May ....I did it twice....ya sometimes minun mieli (my mind) just goes crazy. Probably the highlight of my piiri (district) this week was taking our "perhe (family) picture". So enjoy that gem...cause I can promise you that we do! Anyways, I love this gospel and the clarity, rauhaa(peace), ja tarkoitus (and purpose) that it brings into my life. I'm praying for you at home and I love you!
- Sisar Clark

p.s. The other pic is of Sisar Adams hiding in Sisar Thayne's closet....we scared her pretty good. ha That was a great moment.

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