Thursday, June 11, 2015

Joiden hohdetta ja kirkkautta on mahdoton kuvata

(their brightness and glory beyond description)

I was working on memorizing part of the first vision this week so there is a little bit :) 
(ps sorry about the horrible writing and grammar etc....just trying to write really fast).

But now let me tell you all the awesome things that happened this week (and some from last week because I couldn't tell you too much about last week). So last week (the week after Elder Holland came and spoke) Elder Christofferson came and spoke also!! How awesome! And in choir they are working on putting together a musical number for Jul. 1 (my last week here!) when all the First Pres. and 12 will be here :0 for the mission presidents seminar! Ya I'm praying my guts out that I get to be in that musical number. They had us all fill out "applications" of sorts to try and narrow it down. I'll keep you updated though. Last week and this week we got to host the new missionaries coming in, which is really fun! This week there were 644 missionaries that came in and in two weeks there are 700 coming in in one day! Crazy! We are starting to feel really old here; once you get past four weeks you suddenly feel like the grandparents of the MTC. But it is also very very exciting to start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. These weeks are going by faster and faster. 

A fun friend moved into our room for a little this week ha! (see picture) There was a mouse that we all kept trying to catch (well some trying to catch and some screaming on top of desks haha). That was hilarious! I loved it haha. Also, there was a huge rain storm this week right when we were coming back from gym. That was a blast, "missionary dancing" in the rain.

Linda K. Burton came and spoke this Tuesday and spoke on 3 Nephi 5:13 and what it means to be a disciple of Christ. It was so great! She was an answer to my prayer, especially when she talked about how it is an ongoing process, and we aren't going to be perfect at it right now. I was feeling really stressed about that this week. We also watched the Testaments during the movie time on Sunday. And ya it was super cheesy at times, but it was really cool. Watching all the destruction at the end right before Christ comes made me think about the second coming and how even though it will be really scary at times, we don't truly have to fear because we know what is coming and what is happening. This gospel is such a blessing and I can't wait to share it with the Finnish people. Also it made me realize how important it is to follow the prophet with exact obedience. They are here to help us prepare, we need to listen! Another exciting thing was this week I officially taught without a notebook or anything besides scriptures etc. (obviously). The spirit was strong and I was able to bear my testimony (at least to the point of being understood, but definitely not perfectly correct or anything). I'm very grateful for those experiences. And I'm very grateful for prayer. Prayer is such a blessing. How awesome that I can just talk about everything and anything with a loving heavenly father who cares about all of it!

Sisar Clark
p.s. thanks Grandmom and Gramps for the awesome package and sweet note! I feel so loved.

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