Saturday, July 4, 2015

Onko tämä todellinen? (Is this real?)

This is nuts! I can't believe we are actually going to be leaving for Finland in like three and a half days! I'm so so so excited and like just a little scared dashed somewhere in there. We got our flight plans on Friday and we will be leaving SLC airport at 8:45 am on the 6th, arrive in Dallas/Fortworth airport at 12:28 pm, (I'll call during this layover and I already have a call card thank you for checking though) depart from dallas at 3:35 pm, arrive at London airport at 6:55 am on the 7th, depart from London at10:20 am and arrive in Finland at 3:15 pm! We are all pretty pumped. 

This week was just jam-packed full of excitement ha. First off, yes dad, the rumor is true. The week after they moved all the sister missionaries into the newly renovated residence, the friendly bat decided to move in bhaha. So yes every single one of the sisters moved back to the old residence in one night. Boy was that a fiasco. All the elders kept trying to be "gentlemanly and manly" and help us move our luggage and all the sisters were hating all the attention haha. Too much fun for one night I'd say. A ton of new missionaries came in these last two weeks that I know which was fun! Like Coby Ploeger and yes Vanhin Craft is one of the new fins! The new Finnish missionaries came in this week! 8 elders and 1 (awesome) sister! They are great! We normally wouldn't over lap with them, but there is a special meeting or something that required they come a week earlier so woo hoo here they are!  The Albanians in our district left this last week so now we only have Fins and Huns in our district so we have declared ourselves the FUNS! I think its a pretty great and accurate name for our district. We really do have a great time hanging out and making the most of this experience together. One cool scripture I found when studying this week was D&C 20:7 and how commandments can be inspiration. Its a short but powerful one I thought. Our skype lesson went awesome this week! We could understand her, she could understand us, and we could feel the spirit and everything! It was such a blessing Sisar Hayter and I needed that day. I'm so grateful for this experience and can't wait to be emailing you from Finland! Can you believe it? Well I love you and I am praying for you! Hope your weeks have been as great as mine!

- Sisar Clark

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