Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"Sisar Herrmann, katso!!" (Sister Herrmann, look!)

I'm so jealous of how much fun you are all going to have this week with everyone at home together!! You have to send me pictures!! I love picturing the funny jokes and crazy stories being told around the dinner table ha. So tell a good one for me :) and then email it to me too ha. 

This week's exciting spotting was seeing a boy about ten or eleven wearing a BYU hat! Mitä!?! ha we were riding out bikes through Korso and I suddenly just call out "Sisar Herrmann, Katso!!" ha. We had a good time trying to figure that one out. Sadly we didn't have time to stop and ask, but BYU has a fan all the way out here in Finland! One funny thing that continues to happen is people asking if Sisar Herrmann and I are twins or sisters (even before they see the Sisar on our nametag). We both laugh and then hop on the beautiful opportunity to explain who we are and about this true church!

This week was great. We really felt the Holy Ghost guiding us and met wonderful potential investigators. One elderly man was found while tracting, we talked on his front porch for about twenty minutes, he cried and shared the challenges he has had in his life, and we gave him a Book of Mormon and testified of how it truly blesses lives and brings happiness. We are going to go back with a member soon and I look forward to meeting with him more. The spirit was really strong while we promised him that Heavenly Father knows him and cares for him. It was a big blessing in my week. We also almost passed a man that just almost seemed to stand out like we needed to talk to him before I said "Mitä kuuluu?" over my shoulder and he cheerfully turned around and answered. He didn't have time to talk right then, but he gave us his address and told us what time we can come back. He was very kind and seemed excited to hear about this message. I know these don't sound like anything specially, they were huge blessings in our week along with a few others. It is very humbling to see the Lord's hand in this work. We are meeting with an investigator tonight and we are hoping to set a baptismal date with her. She has been investigating for a long time, and has a testimony of the Book of Mormon. We are praying that she will desire to follow Jesus Christ's example. Great blessings and tender mercies were scattered all throughout this week. We miraculously found a less active part member family at home this week, when our main plans fell through and they now want to have family home evening and we asked them to have family prayer. That was a huge blessing! oh and one more funny story. One night while walking home, Sisar Herrmann recieved a beautiful handful and wild flowers from a drunk man. ha Friday and Saturday nights are always full of fun adventures.

The language was a little more of a struggle for me this week. I feel like I have been here long enough to understand more than I do, but I know it just takes time. I'm happy for the many things I've learned and am still learning from these struggles. In my personal studies this week I was reading in Mosiah 18:30 where it talks about the place of Mormon and waters of Mormon. It was such a beautiful place to Alma and his people because that is where they came to know their Redeemer. It made me think back on all the places where I have come closer to my Savior and what speciall places those are. It was a really good reminder of how all the things we are experiencing help us learn and grow and become huge blessings in our lives.
I hope all is going well. I'm so grateful all your emails and if I don't respond right away, I'm sorry I only have so much time, but I'm working on it and hopefully will get all caught up next week. I love you and am praying for you. Have a great week!

- Sisar Clark

ps the random picture with the electric box....that is greg (we just named him)...his picture is all over kerava...we have no idea why....but there you go ha

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