Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Enkelet (Angels)

Hey everyone! Hope all is going well! Happy Birthday Dad!! I hope you have a great relaxing day. This week has been another great week. During companion study this week, Sisar Herrmann and I were studying in Preach My Gospel about working with ward members. We realized that this Sunday (meaning two days ago) was fast Sunday, and really felt like we should involve our ward by asking them to fast for a specific family member, friend, or acquaintance that they could share the gospel with or invite to church etc. We working crazy hard to try and visit or at least contact all the members and everyone was very supportive and excited to participate. We have already seen some blessings from this and look forward to seeing more. Our ward is so support and great here in Kerava. Another exciting thing in the work is we met an ihan suomelinen (totally finnish...aka very very soft spoken, etc.) young adult women while street contacting. She gave us her address and we went and gave her a BOM and set up an appointment for tonight. After just talking for five minutes on her doorstep, Sisar Herrmann and I both just turned to each other were amazed with how strongly we felt the spirit...just right there on her door step. I'm very excited to meet with her tonight. We also have an investigator praying about a baptismal date right now which is very exciting. She has grown so much and gets so excited when we teach her. It has been really special to see how she lights up with the spirit.
Funny things from this week. A reoccurring topic that seems to follow when I introduce myself is Fin's connecting my name with Superman...Clark Kent. Ha that is always a fun one to hear. Dad we found the olympic runner statue (see picture) while contacting. It is right next to the train station and near the city center :).
So to explain the subject line, this week three different investigators/less active members told us of different experiences they have had with angels. It was really interesting to ponder about the angels that are all around us here. It really made me think of Alma 13:24 and how Heavenly Father truly has and is preparing people for us. What a blessing. I also found comfort in studying about Alma boldly testifying in Alma 9:7, but yet in the people still don't accept him. It was good to be reminded that boldly testifying doesn't always mean people accepting. But it does mean you are being an obedient and faithful missionary, so I'm working on that.
Anyways, I love you all and hope you are having a great time hanging out all together this week. Send me fun pictures! Oh last minute thought, next week my p-day is on monday for a special meeting, so if you want me to get your emails make sure you send them before monday morning. Love you!
-Sisar Clark

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