Tuesday, August 18, 2015

"Nyt on vaimo" (Now, I have a wife)

Hey everyone :) This week I had the wonderful blessing of going to Interim. It is pretty much like a three day long general conference sessions with the Mission President for all the trainees and trainers. It was wonderful and spirit filled. I learned SO much :). I'm excited to go out and work to apply what I learned. There were many funny stories shared and great memories relived as all these sister missionaries got back together haha. One sister told the funny story of a man they were teaching that would continually talk about trying to find a wife. They ended up dropping him as an investigator or something, but ran into him a few weeks later. The first thing he said to them was "Nyt on vaimo"....(I pretty sure the story is a lot funnier when she tells it) but for some reason the phrase stuck and now we all just keep having the phrase stuck in our head. ha But on the bright side, I definitely know the word for wife now. 

As fun as it was to see old MTC friends, eat incredible mission home food, and learn so much about missionary work, the best part of Interim was going to the temple! Wow, such a strong spirit there. There is nothing like the spirit of the temple. The work was successful this week too! We recently received a lot of new investigators and are looking forward to helping them progress to baptism. (the more I write the more I realize this probably sounds just like any other missionary's email home ha...sorry everyone..)  I saw the Lord's hand in the work this week when we went to deliver a BOM to a wonderful (not finnish...so she needed a different language...that's why we were "delivering" it to her) young mother. First, her door was locked, but a cute little girl walking her dogs came around the corner and let us in. Then, she wasn't home, but we ran into her on the way down the stairs! She was very sweet and we are going to meet with her this week. Wow, I was very grateful for the Lord's help with that. Sisar Herrmann and I both were talking about how we can see the light of Christ in her and are excited to meet with her more. :) 

One thing I learned a lot from this week was Nephi's example. He had the spirit with him for his whole journey back to Jerusalem to get the plates, but that doesn't mean the spirit was whispering in his ear every two second of what to do and where to go. The first time it talks about the spirit specifically telling him what to do is when he kills Laban. Just because we don't her the Holy Ghost telling us every two seconds where to go doesn't mean we don't have the spirit. We must do our best and act in faith, then if we are in trouble or in need of extra guidance the Holy Ghost can warn, guide, protect, and help us. I was really grateful for this example! I hope all is going well at home :) Thank you for your prayers!

-Sisar Clark

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