Monday, August 10, 2015

Tämä vikko on ollut hulu! (This week has been crazy!)

Hey everyone :) I loved getting pictures from the party this week! Wow how all the nephews and nieces have grown!! It's incredible! So fun to see and hear about all the fun adventures! And Callie! Happy Birthday!!!! I love you all so much :)
Don't have tons of time to write, but wanted to just share a smidgit (spelling? sorry) of the blessings from this week. It was mass chaos early in the week...way too many things to even list...but needless to say, I was pretty stressed and a little overwhelmed. But in these crazy moments we saw more blessings than ever before. Here are a few:
- I had the opportunity to give a 9-10 minute talk in sacrament meeting this week. I was very stressed about it because....well Finnish...and felt very nervous up until the meeting started. But I said a prayer to be calm and was amazed the peace I felt all throughout the sacrament and when giving my talk. It was a simple, but powerful example to me of my Heavenly Father's love and care for me specifically.
- We had an investigator in sacrament meeting to hear my talk!...and he was very very kind after and seemed to really like it! ....and our incredible ward members just swooped right in and were so helpful with fellowshipping him and sitting next to him classes! and just Chruch in general was very uplifting, spirit filled, and a peaceful place after such a crazy week. (Could anyone ask for a better Sunday?)
- One morning I randomly woke up with a thought "Call ____(so and so)"....I didn't even remember who that was....but I asked my comp and she said he was a potential we had tried to contact a few times right when I got here, but never got in contact. I told her we should try again....he answered!!...he wanted to meet...he set up a time....we meet with him tonight! Very excited! I know that was not just a coincidence.
- (probably my favorite blessings this week...but hard to choose) We met with a couple this week from "spirit directed tracting" that could not be more prepared to hear this message and had the first lesson with them last night. Literally, Sisar Herrmann and I walked out of that lesson was pure amazement. It was incredible to hear all the ways the Lord has blessed their lives and prepared them. Wow! I know this couple will be a special part of my mission. The spirit was so strong! Oh ya and one of them doesn't speak Finnish, so we teach in English....that helps me be able to express my self a little more. (all this followed by the beautiful sky to see on the bike ride home....picture attached :))
- I have seen the Lord helping me having the confidence to speak up so much more this week. And because of it, I think my language has improved as well. But the secret is not focusing on the language....and just focusing on testifying and pushing myself that way. Atleast that is the secret for me right now ha. It is incredible how much more you can speak up and put yourself out there when you remember how special everyone is to our Heavenly Father and that this is his work; focusing on the people rather than your own weaknesses.
That is about all the time I have this week, but thank you for your support and prayers. They are definitely being answered. I love you all :)

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