Monday, July 18, 2016

Hyvänen aika! (Good heavens! or Oh my goodness!)

Wow what a week it has been. We got change calls this week and I'm staying in Tampere (no big surprise) and Sisar Allen is coming to be my companion! I got to meet her when we were in the East together and I'm very excited to have such a kind and hard working missionary. One of my favorite moments of this week was bearing testimony to one of our investigators at the end of our lesson. This investigator is so great. He has a lot of sincere concerns and questions that we are helping him get answers to from the spirit, but he has a solid testimony of church, scripture reading, and prayer. We had a rougher lesson in which he expressed that his desire to be baptized wasn't as strong anymore due to confusion and concerns. Our member was talking quite a lot, the focus wasn't any longer on Christ, and we were struggling to help him feel the spirit as we discussed. But at the end I was able to share my testimony more boldly than I have felt before on my mission. I was so grateful that although my words were not grand, new, enlightening thoughts and phrases, the spirit was there. Obviously we are not perfect missionaries, and I'm continually reminded of how much I need that spirit. I'm full of gratitude that Heavenly Father will help us bring the spirit into those difficult times despite our weaknesses. I hope of course that our investigator was able to feel the spirit at the end of that lesson, but if anything came out that experience my testimony was strengthened when I could feel the spirit testifying through me. 
But I hope you have a great week all together :) I'm excited to hear how the baptisms go there at home! Take lots of pictures! I love you.
-Sisar Clark

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