Sunday, July 24, 2016

emme pysty syödä mitään muuta (we are not able to eat anything else)

Hey everyone :) this week we had the wonderful opportunity of celebrating Juhannus. The Finns celebrate the longest day of the year by heading out to their mökki (cabin on the lake), swimming in the lake, saunaing, eating lots of food, and then saunaing more. (don't ask me why they like to sauna in the middle of the summer, I don't get it either haha) Due to this street contacting was quite dry this weekend, but nonetheless many blessings seen and lots of missionary work done! 

I guess in the spirit of Juhannus, we also had so much food given to us. Wow! We had surprise dinner appointments from investigators and members we were doing service for and lots of people giving us food to take home. (I'm so so grateful we don't have dinner appointments that often here in Finland haha holy full!) Sisar Harris and I had some good laughs and ended that day saying we literally can not eat anything else. 

We are very excited for our investigator (older Finnish woman) that is preparing to be baptized on the 9th! Wow she is so excited and has helped me realize how blessed we are in this church and how many of us don't even realize how unique and special it is. She comes to sunday school and relief society having read and prepared before hand for the chapters discussed. She many times in our lessons weeps as she tells of the peace and love she feels in church. 

One struggle of this week (and the coming summer) is finding members to come on lesson. My plea on behalf of the missionaries in your area....offer to go on lessons especially in the summer!

This week I was studying a lot about what the process of revelation is. I specifically studied from Nephi's example in 1 Nephi 4. It was very interesting to see that 1) the spirit didn't just talk to him once, but rather it says multiple times that the spirit "said unto me again"2) once he heard the voice of the spirit (or felt the promptings of the spirit) he reflected back on what he had been taught earlier and what he knew to be true from his past experiences. All of our life experiences build upon each other and are important parts of receiving and following revelation from the spirit. And after reflecting on these things we can like Nephi obey and go forth with action and confidence.

Thank you for your support, letters, emails, and prayers :) I love you and miss you! Have a great summer week!

-Sisar Clark

pic- it rained buckets yesterday (everything=soaked) yay for street contacting in the rain! 
-lotus root of the many many foods we ate (and definitely most unique). It tastes really good!

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