Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Syreenia kaikkialla (Lilacs everywhere)

Hey! This week all the lilac bushes bloomed and every neighborhood is filled with the lilac aroma. Mom you would love it! 

The work this week has been awesome! We set a very exciting new baptismal date with a woman that has been looking forward to this for a long time. It is pretty interesting to see how the Lord works differently in each of our lives. Sisar Harris and I love doing finding in Hervanta. It is the largest student housing center in all of Scandinavia! Wow, I have never had such fruitful street contacting and tracting. It is so fun! Also, we spent some time this week at the Mission home receiving instruction about being a better leader and how to help the work progress forward. The spirit was strong and I was really grateful for the opportunity to visit the temple as well! 

I still feel pretty new and all over the place, but it is a big blessings to have so much work to do here. It is easier to keep an eye single to the glory of God and not getting distracted by other unimportant things when you truly have no time for them. It brings a lot of peace and joy. I have also become even more grateful for the precious time of personal study in the mornings to rejuvenate and prepare for the upcoming day. I was reading in Alma 52:31("And it came to pass that before the Lamanites had retreated far they were surrounded by the Nephites, by the men of Moroni on one hand, and the men of Lehi on the other, all of whom were fresh and full of strength; but the Lamanites were wearied because of their long march") this week and it reminded me the importance of being fresh and full of strength (ready to face the challenges) everyday through personal spiritual preparation. I hope you have also seen the abundant blessings that come from studying the scriptures daily.

Have a great week! Enjoy summer :) Love you!

-Sisar Clark

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