Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Kävimme sairalassa tällä viikolla (We visited the hospital this week)

Hey! Happy Tuesday to you all! This week we made an exciting trip to the hospital to make sure Sisar Richards isn't going to die. Our doctor was from Zimbabwe and has lived in Finland for 26 years. It was fun to try and explain everything in Finnish. We definitely learned a few more words.

Our investigators have all made some pretty big steps this week, some forwards and some backwards. One of my favorites would probably be a woman (first off teaching women is SO rare so that is pretty cool in itself) we found last week from a tracting referral. She have super strong faith in Christ and relys a ton on prayer to help her. Everyone in her family is atheist besides her Muslim brother and yet she just courageously follows the Holy Ghost to what she says "feels right and good" She is reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it right now (more updates hopefully to come :)). Another major highlight of the week, we holding back from just beaming while sustaining our recent convert in sacrament meeting as worthy to receive the priesthood! After he said that it went "nöyrästi" (humbly). He is SO great. He was trying to hold back his smile too while talking about it hehe.

Well I hope things are going well at home. I love you. I love thinking about my brothers and their families and my sisters being such awesome strong members and support to the missionary work all over the US. Thank you for your loving and steadfast examples!

-Sisar Clark

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