Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hän rukoili ja tuli kirkkoon! (He prayed and came to church!)

Hey fam :) it was great to hear from a few of you this week! Thanks for the updates! In honor of Hayden's birthday this coming week I thought I'd share a great dream I had the other night: Post mission Hayden and I were just hanging out and playing a stellar game of who can name the most Book of Mormon prophets. Pretty sure Hayden won. And then he continued to excitedly express how much he loved the Book of Mormon for about two minutes. haha it was a great! So hope your birthday brings as much joy as that dream did Hayden! :)
This past week it snowed for three and a half days straight (still pretty warm though like 0 or 1) and then this Morning the sun has been shining like I have never seen it before. Wow not a cloud in the sky! I had completely forgotten the energy the comes from seeing the sun woo! That feels great.
We are working with an investigator who is preparing to be baptized next week and it has been definitely a more unique situation. He is a former investigator and was (By elders) taught quite a lot, but recently texted the missionaries saying he wanted to be baptized. Being taught By sisters is not his preference and he doesn't like to be in frequent contact ollenkaan (at all) so the process has been a little slower etc. but I thought I'd update you a little so that in following weeks when I say we had a baptism is doesn't come as a complete surprise out of no where ha. He is a little older than most of our investigators and it has been really cool to see how determined he is to do what is right all on his own.
Another exciting blessing from this week was our investigator (the one who we gave a church tour and they awkwardly started bringing in the casket) came to church and prayed! It is so exciting to hear them tell you that! We taught him the plan of salvation recently and he seemed really intrigued and excited about it. We set a baptismal date for April 2 with him this week too! It has been such a new experience to teach someone without literally any religious background. He is pretty great!
This week I studied Jacob 4:14 and thought it was Super interested that By looking beyond the mark they become blinded. Although planning and looking ahead to what I want to become is important, I have found that I do a lot better when I just focus day to day on simple ways I can improve and become more like our Savior, Jesus Christ. It makes me think of Elder Uchtdorf's talk in conference about the simplicity of the gospel. There is such a peace in the clarity of the gospel. I'm so grateful for it.
I love you and hope that things are going well. Good luck this week! I am praying for you!
-Sisar Clark :)
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