Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hän oli kuolemaisillaan kahdeksan kertaa (He was about to die 8 times)

Hi Family :) This has been a really great week for me. I felt really blessed to be reminded of the importance of humility. One way humility is defined in Preach my Gospel is putting things of the world above things of God. To me that means we shouldn't put our strengths above the things of God, but also we should not put our weaknesses above the things of God. I felt a lot more peace as I strived to boldly talk to people and teach despite my own weaknesses remembering the promised power that we as missionaries have from our Heavenly Father. I'm really grateful that we can continually learn while on missions and in our lives because I think I need to relearn this (and much more) many times. 
This week has surprisingly been really warm (around 1 or -1) and wet. But now it is getting cold again and snowing....everything is ice. haha we walk like little 87 year old women every where. I gave a ten minute talk in sacrament meeting this last week. It went alright considering that I didn't have enough time to really write it out super well. We taught our recent convert more about priesthood and asked him to prepare to receive it and he humbly responded, obviously a little intimidated by it, well if it means that I can serve and bless people, then yes. (all of his answers and thoughts are always so great :)) Also, this week we found a new investigator street contacting and were able to meet him later in the week. He and his girlfriend were both there for the lesson. We learned that this man has almost died 8 times from drug overdose and has tried to quit 5 times. He is only about 20 years old. Him and his girlfriend were obviously heavily addicted to smoking and alcohol (but has been dry from above mentioned drugs for 2 months) and were shaking pretty badly when they weren't smoking during our lesson. It is pretty hard and scary to see. They don't have much religious background at all, but seem to just be grasping for something steady in there life. We are praying really hard for them. Seeing there situation really just makes me grateful for my life. Wow, suddenly all my "problems" become so much smaller.
I'm so grateful for this blessed opportunity and I'm so grateful for the Lords help in this week. I love you all and hope you have a good week :)
-Sisar Clark

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