Tuesday, April 26, 2016

rauhallinen ja lämmin tunne (peaceful and warm feeling)

Hey everyone :) hope you have had a great week! 

This week has been great here in Lappeenranta (every week in LPR is great). One of our investigators is doing SO well and it is SO fun to teach him! Recently he had a close family member tragically die and it was really hard on him, but he told us about how he saw the picture of Christ on one of the pamphlets we gave him when he was really struggling and remembered that he could pray. He said he prayed and then bore powerful testimony of the rauhallinen ja lämmin tunne joka tuli rukoiltuaan (peaceful and warm feeling that came after he prayed). He is also officially living the Word of Wisdom now and coming to church regularly. kiva :) 

This week I really enjoyed studying about joy specifically in Alma 26 and 27. Ammon explains it pretty well. There is no better joy than the joy that comes from missionary work. 

Besides the gray skies, the weather is perfect right now. Just a little bit of rain here and there (oh and one morning we got snow) at about 6-9 degrees. 

It is really fun to get letters in the mail from nephews and nieces and get emails from you (ps still working on getting faster at responding sorry...but responses are coming). Thank you for your sweet words of support :) I love you!

-Sisar Clark

this is a puu truck (tree truck)...you see them everywhere, but I'm running out of pics to send so here ya go :)

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