Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Bussissa Mormonin Kirjan lukemista (Reading the Book of Mormon in the bus)

Hey Fam :) yep can you believe it is already Tuesday again....I can't. Some of the main successes of this week include:

- One investigator doing awesome with the plan we made for him to stop smoking! He is a pretty quirky guy, but we just love him. 
- Lots of very interesting discussions while finding that make me so grateful for the Holy Ghost. The world has some pretty crazy ideas out there. I would feel so lost and confused without that solid, confirmation of truth.

- (probably my favorite success of the week) We talked to these two (some might say harsher looking) young adults on the bus that didn't want to meet and learn more, but they took a Book of Mormon, immediately stopped talking to each other, opened it up, and intently read the rest of the bus ride until they sincerely thanked us while getting off at their stop. And then again later in the week we gave a man a Book of Mormon as we waited at the bus stop and watched as he too read intently the whole bus ride. :) Those were pretty fun moments I hope to never forget. (it made me think about in newsies when they are giving everyone their newspaper to read and the whole city just stops what they are doing and intently reads their paper :) haha)

But overall things are going great! I'm happy and so grateful! The weather is just gorgeous (the sun is practically up all day now). I'm so blessed. I think and pray for you often and hope things are going well for you! Love you.
-Sisar Clark

pics--oh those majestic finnish clouds!

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