Monday, March 14, 2016

Yhtä innostava kuin Kebab Hampurilainen Hesburgerilta (as exciting as a Kebab Hamburger from Hesburger)

Hey everyone :) This week was about as exciting as a Kebab Hamburger
from Hesburger....
Here are a few highlights:
- We got change calls and...I GET TO STAY IN LAPPEENRANTA!! :) Sisar
Carter (an awesome sister that was with me in the MTC) is coming to be
my companion. I'm Super excited for a change full of hardwork and the
joy that comes from it :)
- Due to Sisar Richards going home, we had TONS of dinner appointments
this week! That is always Super fun to see the members' homes and
spend a meal with them. They all have such strong testimonies and
impressive family relationships. Their kids are happy and love each
- We had splits this week! Man I was pretty giddy with excitement
after being able to do a solid full day of finding!! (ps Sisar
Richards still is having stomach problems...but varmasti ratkaistaan
kohta (surely it will be solved soon) when she goes home)
- I read Alma 2:30 this Morning. It is said that alma had strengthened
from past experiences etc. loved the reminder that the struggles that
I have now are going to be very important for the future.
- After one of the busiest days ever it was 9 pm on saturday night
when one of the Bishopric counselors called to tell us that one of the
speakers fell through and asked if I could give a talk (along with the
talk he had already asked Sisar Richards to give earlier this
week)....haha that was a fun Morning sprinting to put that
together...then get to church and he said he actually didn't need me
to talk anymore haha (phew!)
- Our investigator that has a baptismal date read and prayed and said
that she feels that it is right! She also came to church!! Boo yay!
- We are starting to use the new easter video in our finding! It is
really cool you should watch and share it on Facebook :)

I am very grateful. I love you and hope you have a good week.
-Sisar Clark

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