Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hyvää Naisten Päivää!! (Happy Women's Day!!)

This morning we smiled and said hi to a man as we walked to the church to email and he cheerful responded "Hyvää Naisten Päivää" while tipping his hat. :) Little moments like that just make Finland the best place ever. 
I hear that I have a new niece!!! Woo hoo! I'm so excited! Congratulations Chase and Sarah :) I'll be praying for a peaceful and safe first couple weeks for you and your family.

This week was another week of being inside quite a lot. Sisar Richards stomach is still having some issues, but we are still so grateful for the progress we are still able to see! This week we had an exciting lesson with an investigator preparing for April 2nd as a baptismal date. We had been sending him scriptures about the Holy Ghost daily and committed him to read and pray about them. The effect was awesome! He came back with a firm testimony that God is real and hears his prayers. He said that the Holy Ghost is a feeling that gives him confidence and makes him feel good and he believes it is a blessing he receives because of his faith in God and doing what he has asked. Hearing him testify was something I will not forget. 

The members here are so awesome! I love them! (I never want to leave Lappeenranta.....unless the Lord really wants me to...but still) They helped us organize a "Perhe Ilta" (family home evening) with ward members and investigators. We had quite a unique group there including a some that didn't speak Finnish, so I ended up translating while Sisar Richards talked and attempted to translate as we played this super confusing charades game....ha ya that was funny. But all in all is was a great night and super fun!

During my studies this morning I read Mosiah 26 and was reminded of how much I LOVE Alma's example. I think it is so cool how humble he is and how much he cares about doing his work right. It motivates me to ask and seek guidance from the Lord in all things. 

I hope you have a good week this week! Enjoy that sweet new spirit and give her a big kiss for me! Also tell all the other nephews and nieces Hi for me! I miss them so much!

I love you!

-Sisar Clark
pics---cool ice sculptors we got to see in Mikkeli on our way to District Meeting
---- a members "yard" 

p.s. next week p-day is on monday

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