Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Uusi vaihto ja uusi toverini (New change and new companion :))

Hey everyone :) Hope this week has treated you well. Sarah I hope you had a great birthday and I hope everyone is safe and feeling well.
This week was the start of another change with a new great companion. Her name is Sisar Richards and on of my my favorite things about her is her Finnish. This is her last change of her mission and her Finnish is great (I'm going to learn so much!! Ya hoo!). It is pretty exciting to learn a different language. Update on the weather: We finally are getting more snow! It is absolutely gorgeous and surprisingly we have had quite a few clear sunny days (which also means super cold days...-30 :))
This upcoming week we are planning a baptism for an investigator that is very dear to me! Sisar Hales and I found him street contacting last change and have taught him ever since. This young man is completely finnish (very quiet, smart, blonde) and has powerful faith. He trusts in the Holy Ghost strongly. We also were able to give a church tour to a family we are teaching right now which was super exciting. They ask great questions and are really fun to teach.
I'll give you more updates on how everything goes next week, but I'm so grateful to be a missionary right now. I'm so grateful for the small peaceful moments in prayer and scripture study when I can feel the confirming comfort of the Holy Ghost. Love you!
-Sisar Clark

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