Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Suomelainen talvi on lopulta saapunut!! (Finnish winter has finally arrived!!)

Hey everyone!! This week has been a crazy wonderful week full of answered prayers, laughter, and frozen boogers. So winter has finally come and it is awesome! Our normal street contacting weather this week has been between -13 and -18 degrees Celsius and we finally have been getting some snow (not buckets yet, but little by little!) Now I know why Frozen is said to be set in Finland, when it is this cold everything sparkles...everything is glitter...street lights.....the ground.....your companions frozen hair. Haha and one of our favorite findings of the winter is that not only does the cold make your nose run....but then it freezes it too!! But really we are actually having a blast and that was only a small blessing of the week. 
Our golden investigator we found a couple weeks ago is doing awesome!! Wow! He had a big concern about tithing and how he wouldn't have enough money, but we challenged him to fast and pray about it. (and totta kai (of course) we did too......Fasting totally works...I love fasting...it is awesome) Then our next meeting he sat there and just bore testimony to us about how through fasting, praying, and reading the Book of Mormon (specifically 2 Nephi 2) he realized the importance of tithing and was willing to take that step of faith. Wow...the excitement after that lesson kept us warm for the whole walk home to dinner! He is looking forward to his baptism and we are too!
Another investigator who found us this week (he came up to us and immediately asked to meet) has a huge desire to be baptized. The first thing he told us when we sat down in our first lesson was that he was ready to be converted. He also decided to bear his testimony in his first sacrament meeting ever, in which he proudly told the whole ward that he was the newest member of the church! His desire is really helping stick to the plan we set to help him quit smoking. His determination is pretty remarkable.
There were so many other blessings that happened this week, and there is just never time to write them all (sorry) but I hope that you had a great New Years! Also, I got the calendar you all helped to put together for Christmas and it is AWESOME! Thank you so much! Our family brings so much joy and peace to me. Thank you! I love you!
-Sisar Clark
pics- "pre-snow" but frozen lake and beautiful scene of the harbor :)
- best posti day ever! Excitement of getting mail!

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