Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Yleiskonferenssi! (General Conference!)

Wow what a blessing and treat it was to have General Conference this week. There is a special energy and excitement watching it as a missionary. I also felt very blessed to be able to watch it in English :) woo hoo. We still haven't seen the last session due to time differences and lack of available technology, but we look forward to seeing it soon. My favorite talk was President Uchtdorf's talk on not complicating the doctrine of the gospel. That brought a lot of peace to me and was a good reminder that the Holy Ghost will speak truth simply, clearly, and to our understanding. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the talks and the powerful spirit that accompanied the talks. 

Another big blessing this week was finding a lot of things to be happy and laugh about with my companion. It was a big answer to my prayer and I'm hoping it continues. One of those things we had a really good laugh about was an encounter we had with two drunk men while tracting. Rather than the classic open the door two centimeters, they threw open the door and came barging out ready for a good dicussion haha. We introduced ourselves and did our best to address the situation appropriately as one of the men grabbed the Book of Mormon and began to randomly open it, read a verse, and ask if we believed that. haha The other soon became interested as well and grabbed the book from his friend who then decided that he actually didn't want it anymore and was trying to get his friend to give the Book of Mormon back to us (this ended up with them drunk fighting over the book of mormon as we slowly tried to back away and tell them that they could have it for free). Then the man decided he wanted to keep the book, but that it was necessary that he paid us for it so he emptied all the coins from his wallet and started following us around to give it to us (while his friend is still fighting with him)....anyways long story short the money ended up in Sisar Bruce's hood and the drunk man "running" up the stairs laughing because he thought he tricked us into taking the money. haha oh man that was hilarious. So there is the funny story for the week.

One thing I have learned on my mission so far is the blessing of fasting. It truly brings answers and blessings. Every time I have fasted and prayed with a sincere heart, I have been answered. Heavenly Father has given us such a wonderful opportunity to receive inspiration; I hope I can continue to use it to it's fullest. I am so grateful for missions and how they help strengthen our understanding and testimonies. I know that Heavenly Father truly loves us and has not left us here without help. What a comfort.

Weather update: last night during contacting we saw the temperature got down to 4 degrees celcius...no snow yet, but definitely seeing some changes. Luckily it has been really sunny and beautiful though, just chilly and darker sooner.
I hope you don't get too much of the post conference blues (it is a real thing here in the mission...its like the week after Christmas of something) and I hope your week goes well. Thank you for your prayers :) love you all

-Sisar Clark

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