Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Meillä oli kaste tilaisuus! (We had a baptism!)

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday! I got pictures in the mail from magnificent Mom and Aunt Bonnie this week and Katie wins the prize for having the most significant changes. Katie your hair is SO long!! Holy cow! It looks really pretty!

This week was an awesome week! We had our baptism and it went really well! Sisar Bruce and I were in charge of most things (finding, cleaning, filling font, playing piano, singing musical number, giving talk/prayer, bringing food, baptismal clothes, clean up after, etc.) so we were pretty tired after, but happy tired! (eli a missionaries life=happy tired haha) I asked special permission from our recent convert if I could tell a little bit about him and send his picture to friends and family and he said I could so: Joe is from Nigeria and has lived in Finland for just over a year. He was a referral from Elders who met him while he was working and since the first time we met with him he had a desire to be baptized. We have seen such a light and spirit develop in him and have felt so lucky to hear him testify now of how he knows this is true and wants to dedicate his whole life to it. He is a wonderful example to all of us of acting in faith. I hope someday you get the chance to meet him! Although baptisms aren't a measure of success, and true joy comes only from hard work in whatever circumstance as a missionary, it has been a big blessing to see the fruits of the gospel portrayed in another person's life. 

I hope you are all doing well. Callie, thank you for the Christmas Rotation ....Robbie, Kari, and fam...What is your address?...:)
Good luck this week! Love you and praying for you.

-Sisar Clark

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