Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Nöyryyden tärkeys (The importance of humility)

Hey Family :) This week was a great one. We went on exchanges with the other Tampere sisters. Their area is just a half hour away but it feels like a completely different city. Pretty crazy. Fall is starting and I'm very excited for winter. The young finnish man that was going to be baptized last week is going to be baptized in two week now, but is progressing well. We are excited for that.
A main insight from my studies this week emphasized the importance of humility. In Moroni 7:42-43 (I think those are the verses) it mentions multiple times being "meek and of lowly heart." And also in Elder Snow's conference talk from the April 2016 conference he quotes President Kimball saying "How does one get humble? To me, one must constantly be reminded of his dependence. On whom dependent? On the Lord. How remind one's self? By real, constant, worshipful, grateful prayer." This has meant a lot to me this week. Pondering, especially as a missionary, who do I represent and who must I look to for guidance? has brought comfort and confidence in my actions. It is wonderful that strengthening in humility and in confidence (in the Lord's support) can take place at the same time. Also in Preach my Gospel it mentions the importance of gratitude in humility. One example of Christ's gratitude is his immediate acknowledgment of gratitude to Heavenly Father in his prayers after the disciples on the American continent have received the Holy Ghost.  I too have so much to be grateful for. 
Love you all, thank you for your emails and support!
-Sisar Clark
pic- the sky while running this morning

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