Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Kävimme Turussa (We visited Turku :))

First off, Happy Father's Day to my wonderful Dad and to all my wonderful brothers!

Wow this week was just jam-packed with excited events:
- we got to go to Turku for exchanges and do work with Sisar Cardin and Sisar Toomey (both of them where in the MTC with me and are dear friends!) and wow the city of Turku is incredible! Running in the morning was so cool. 
- gave a talk on sunday about how repentance and the law of sacrifice fit together. Definitely had to learn a few more words for that one, but overall went alright
- had Zone Training Meeting (my first time ever leading in one....wow still so much to learn) but it was great to see all the missionaries and feel the spirit together. As a zone we are focusing a lot on getting people to church and setting baptismal dates with people that have previously said no, or weren't able to make their date. 
- On saturday we have 2 baptisms (I never thought I would ever have two baptisms on the same day! Pretty cool right!?) One is the young daughter of a less active family (9 years old so falls under our jurisdiction). It has been a privilege to teach a humble and meek child. The other is a young man that is here in Finland studying. He is very excited to make this covenant and strengthen his relationship with Christ. He has an incredible skill of remembering. He has studies a lot on his own about the doctrine and covenants and basically recited the whole introduction (with names of key people and everything) to us in our lesson. It should be a wonderful day!
This week I have been thinking a lot about what goals I want for the last few months of my mission. It has been very powerful to see the spirit of revelation come from focusing on making every prayer and every personal study sincere and with real intent. I am grateful for the joy that comes from the spirit. I hope you have been able to feel that joy as well this past week. I love you!

-Sisar Clark

pic-- Sisar Cardon and I after our lesson fell through and waiting for the bus we had the most spot on Finnish tracting contact ever (classic finnish home in the middle of gorgeous farm land....adorable mummo with curls and apron opens the door with a sweet smile...calls the grandpa over because he is the religious one that goes to prayer night every tuesday in the city...classic inactive Lutheran ...never heard of Book of Mormon before and politely listen and share sincere thoughts as we introduce the book of mormon and restoration......take book of mormon and say we can come back after summer when grandkids aren't there and they have time to read.)
- the surrounding area of that house :) Finland

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