Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Kaksi Kasteetta (two baptisms)

Hey Everyone :) This week we had two baptisms! (I never ever thought that would happen on my mission....how cool!?!) The family of the little girl that was baptized was so fun to watch. They all were full of energy and excitement to support their sister. In sacrament meeting her mother was asked to share her testimony and in her broken Finnish (Portuguese is her native tongue) she gave one of the most powerful testimonies I've heard. So grateful for her humble example. The other baptism also went really well. He was pretty nervous right before, but after said he felt a lot of peace and happiness. I especially enjoyed thinking back when I received the gift of the Holy Ghost and the feelings I had, as I heard the confirmation blessings. It also made me miss doing baptisms for the dead at the temple a ton!

Besides that it was another week full of work! It was a week in which it was a little more difficult to see progression and improvement. Sometimes that can be hard. But I know that the comforting spirit I feel as I pray is real. It is from my Heavenly Father. By following that I know I am doing what is most important. I hope you have a great week! I love you!

-Sisar Clark

pic- Filipino food with some members :) 
- what we run alongside every morning

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