Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Vähän aikaa Lahdessa (a little time in Lahti)

Hey Family :) How are things going? It was really cool to hear more about Chase's Kneaders opening. Good luck with that! Right across the street from our apartment is an elementary school and it has been really fun this week to hear and see kids playing out there and feel the excitement of those "first day of school"s. Hope that summer has come to a fulfilling close and that school has started well for you. That was definitely the fastest Summer of my life and certainly August has been the fastest month ever. 
This week both our baptismal dates had some switching around. One because he realized that he had a break from school and wanted to go home, but is excited for his baptism so much that he doesn't want to wait till the next saturday, but rather tuesday. The other baptismal date we had texted us saying his family was against it and he needed more time, but than later that night changed his mind and said he again wan't to learn and prepare for baptism. (that was all on the same day....quite an exciting day). We had many investigators in church which was very excited! It has been very impressive to see our investigators determination and desire to come to church. But overall it has been a good week. We were able to go on exchanges with the Lahti Sisaret and doing exciting work there :). 
Recently the question of "What does God think of war?" has come up more and more on the streets/buses, so I was studying about that a little more this week. It was interesting to ponder how even God is in a war. There was a war in heaven and we are still fighting in that war. The necessity of opposition is so important in our lives. 
Hope you have a great week. I love you!
-Sisar Clark

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